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  1. Why run him the hell out of Alaska? That’s just sending a message that running people out is okay and there are no ramifications for his actions. He needs to be punished for this! He KNOWS it’s wrong and so do all of we!

  2. I can’t believe this sick sorry excuse for a man was well known and respected man. He should be investigated, if he KNEW what he was doing was wrong, what the hell else was he doing? He also needs to be punished and KTUU needs to run the story.

  3. Sick pervert! I am sooooo glad someone found this! Ha! Probably had reported child molestor stories and look and him doing it too. Throw the book!

  4. The girl is a pervert too and should be held responsible too. Parents should monitor their children’s internet activity. This so called 14 presents as a tramp and is most likely whoring around on-line and in the streets.

    • The whole point was that the guy THOUGHT he was talking to a minor!! The adult controlling the 14yr old profile in an attempt to CATCH predators; did not solicit themselves to this horrible man. In fact all bits of sexual activity came from Dan and his push toward victoria secret, and spankings; not once did the young girls profile, promote his comments, it just didnt deter them fully

      • Hey, this was an old guy from Alaska pretending he was a younger guy from NC, chatting with an old guy from NY pretending to be a 14 year old girl. It’s all FANTASY. Plus, even if you think his comments were inappropriate, it’s not a crime to be inappropriate!

        • Dude what the fuck. Seriously? Hes a 40 something year old guy who wanted to have sex with this “girl”

          If your siding with him, you’re just as bad as he is.

        • According to federal law, the fact the conversation may have been “fantasy” is not a defense. He believed he was conversing with an actual 14-yr-old female. On Oct 7th he continued to converse with “her” in a sexual manner even after “she” confessed that “she” was 14 yrs old which proves intent. Between Oct 7th-12th he initiated additional conversations with “her” which further proves intent. On Oct 7th he states that “she” is jailbait and a guy could go to jail messing with “her” which proves that he was fully aware that what he was doing was illegal. During the phone conversation with the “father”, he profusely apologizes which again proves he knew what he did was wrong. On Oct 8th he informs “her” that he’d kiss the front of “her” panties and asks what “she” thought of that… this is an undeniable sexual solicitation. This guy is clearly a child predator and should be charged as such.

  5. While children do need to be monitored and kept out of this kind of trouble, it does not give an adult the right to engage in this kind of activity. The 14 year old was actually an adult posing as a child.

  6. all men are perverts and would f**k* a hot pubescent underage girl if they could get away with it. it’s in our nature..DEAL WITH IT

    america. lets just stop it with these silly puritanical games you animals.

    • Hey, fuck you man! There are some sexually perverted with wicked and wild fetishes that still abide by social norms of the innocent! That is a malicious and ludacris statement in its fullest. If you seriously think all men are like that, go fuck yourself! It’s jackasses like you put a bad name to our gender, and deserve similar treatment to these pedo’s; obviosuly if you knew you’d get away with it, you’d totally fucking do it….you’re no better.

    • Seriously dude your sick; not all men are like that, and the ones who are obviously deserve to be sent up river; this shameless fool used to chase after predators and it turns out he is a predator; and apparently you also fall into that category. There are few guys outside of (teen boys) who want to have sex with pre-teen children. And btw if women really believed that we would all be lesbian before putting up with men like that, give a whole new rise to amazons.

    • Dude…. Your sick and need to seek professional help. That is not a normal behavior by any standars and it is completely against all societal norms. For all humanity’s sake GO GET HELP YOU SICK NASTY ****!

  7. Finally something turned up on a news station unfortunately it took a reporter being caught……now we need one of new12 reporters to get caught…maybe they will finally run story here and expose the wackos in our own neighborhoods…..or we can all start emailing news 12. One email didnt get their attention maybe 100 will

  8. Really?!?!? What the hell? Dan really, really messed up this time. People like him do not need to go to jail. They need to be the test subjects for new product lines and for all medical testing (animals would no longer be needed). That is so sick, it makes my stomach twist up into my throat.

    • jail is the best thing for people like dan. doing animal testing doesnt teach him a real lesson. do u know what they do to people like that in jail far worse than some stupid animal testing so in my oppinion send him to his own kind in jail so they can have there way with the pervert so he can learn a REAL LIFE lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jail is nothing. Free meals and play time in the yard. Not for someone like him… Testing on him would be cruel and unusual punishment. Keep them housed in poor living conditions like they do to animals and then test on them when needed…. Now that is punishment!

      • I’ve heard of stories of what they do to child molesters in jail up here in Alaska! A friend of mine was in jail for drinking conditions (male friend) And talked about how this guy that was jailed for molestation or rape of a minor. This group of guys in jail ganged up on the individual and stuck a tooth brush up his you-know-where! The molester screamed and cried out…. Yup, all the child molesters get a punishment unbelievable behind bars.


        • thats ok sarah i dont expect you to understand a real punishment.. free meals and a basketball court yes but when there raped at night and in the shower and beat everyday by there fellow inmates i would say thats a real punishment. not animal testing getting stuck with a needle is nothing compaered to life in jail

          • sara just wondering how can you yell on a computer thats silly… being raped in jail is worse than animal testing in my opnion you dont have to agree but i think taking it up the but is so much worse than a needle or to from animal testing.. much love for sara

          • You can tell online by using all caps. It’s computer edecate.
            Yes they do get raped but eventually get get out. Testing there is no garuntee that they will make it out alive or with all of their limbs. It is what it is and no matter what Dan should suffer for being a giant pos!

          • Sara my cap lock button was on didnt know that meant yelling. lol you must be on the computer alot to know how to yell on it. lol No matter what u say about animal testing it is nothing compaered to jail and i am pretty sure 90% of this room will agree that jail is the best punishment. Have you ever been where they test animals its like doggy day care they air them play with them love on them feed them there not being raped and beaten or having objects stuck up there ass. i have neverseen or heard of any animal losing there limbs from testing however i have heard of perverts being forced to suck dick unknown objects stuck up the ass and beat by more than one person everyday. On the news i hear about that kind of stuff happening everyday in jail but i never see anything about animal testing. U think what u want to but again you always hear the horriable things that happen in jail but you never hear about animal testing on the news. Look at bees comment. She knows…..
            much love to bee thanks for your story and agreeing with me :)

          • Sara we do agree on one thing though and that is he needs to be punished. however it may be. Much love to you sara and your oppnion :) oh and computer edicate to lol

  9. I’m so glad he was caught. Now if Alaska will give him a life sentence nobody’s 14 year old will have to worry about this sick pervert again. This decoy could’ve been an actual child that he could’ve actually got to. Think of what the children that sickos actually do this crap to. The permanent damage they have to learn to cope with while the pervert gets 3 months jail term and 3 years of probation! While hes free to walk around and be able to do this crap again. The weak sentences isn’t justice. Or strong enough to make them stop. It only makes then more cautious. Victims don’t get justice. Im thankful he was fired and this was brought to our attention.

  10. Ive worked with Dan a number of years ago. This is very shocking! He can be rather flakey and naïve. A lot of the time lacking common sense. I can say he was one of the nicest persons in the stations that I have worked at.

  11. He is being severely punished, No job, no pay and a trial of public opinion. IMHO, Rightly so after reading what he wrote. Naive for sure. Stupid Yes! Wrong – absolutely.

  12. If you read his comments at one point he admits,”i’ve met other young girls on this site” so i just wonder how many young girl this nasty man has communicated with.. I am glad they caught him. People like him do not deserve freedom. I think predators should get maxium jail time. It just makes me so sick to think about all the perverts out there..

  13. I have to question Dan Fiorucci’s IQ level. Instead of creating a ficticious user profile as many online predators do, he used his real name and photo. During his online chats, not only did he freely offer his real city of residence and real profession but also his phone number. As he was (note the past tense) in the TV news business where many broadcasters use fake on-air names, I’d think that he’d at least consider doing the same when trolling for underage girls online.

  14. Word is Dan can’t be charged with anything because the “sting” was not conducted by law enforcement resulting in legal loopholes. KTUU may have to reinstate his job with backpay and offer a public apology and retraction. Civil action for harassment and libel possible.

    • reinstate his job?? that seems kind of ridiculous. that conversation was disgusting and his apology left no doubt that he thought he was talking to a 14 yr old

      • Dan didn’t really think that he’d been speaking to a 14 yr old. He was just playing along with the caller posing as the girl’s dad to make him believe that he was fooling Dan.

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