4 thoughts on “Barry Winter

  1. This is false shit, this is my brother and someone fucked with his plenty of fish account. My brother is happily married…. For 6years now…. This should be removed immediately or legal actions will be taking in to affect….

    • If Barry really drives a black Toyota Camry (easy to verify) than its him. And the skirt request just shows the level of scumbag he is. Cuz it’s OBVIOUS why he wanted her to wear a skirt.

  2. Like I said this post should be removed, my brother never said he would have sex with this fake girl… Our father is an attorney on Long Island for 40 years and said he will take on a lawsuit immediately if its not removed. Thank you

    • This is Barry’s sister, my brother does have an attorney and I guess you’ll be hearing from him…. Besides its not like my brother would get in trouble, someone made a fake pof on him…. And it’s all second hand info…. So do what you want but like I said my brother would not get in trouble

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