We dislike child predators. The men featured on this website have acted in ways that we consider to be detrimental to the future of our species. That being said, not everyone featured on this website can be considered a sexual predator. When hunting a predator, these are the moral offenses you may witness. Some of them may just want to meet a child and “be friends” or “go to the beach” or “hang out after dad falls asleep.” We don’t like that either.





Don’t try this at home.

No individuals are ever targeted, they always initiate contact.

No children were involved in any way.



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  1. Are you guys ever looking
    For a volunteer to assist or anything? You just did a piece about one of our local news casters here in Anchorage! There are all types of men up here like that. The more that get caught the better. Weed out the bad ones.

    • Still chasing that Pulitzer Prize I see. ‘Freelance’ means ‘I write boring restaurant reviews for the local town rag Anchorage Press’.

  2. First lemme begin by saying that i think what you guys are doing in GREAT. I had been a victim of a few sexual predators when i was younger, and now that i am older and am a mother of a beautiful little girl i am SCARED. It’s INSANE what is out there and what goes on. So i just wanna THANK YOU SO MUCH for making examples outta these sick P.O.S. <3

  3. My brother never said he would have sex with that fake girl… So you should really take his comments down….his father is an attorney on Long Island for 40 years and if its not takin down he said he will proceed with the necessary actions on a lawsuit… Thank you for you coaparation

  4. This is on behalf of Barry winter…. This is the law firm of brain Epstein and asking you to please take down the post on mr. Winters behalf it’s fraud and unjustifiable he never wrote any of that, someone played a horrible prank on him…. Further more he never said he was going to have sex with her… Please have it removed soon or legal actions will take place…

        • Hi. This is Barry the reason why I haven’t contacted you is because I was trying to leave it in my attorneys hands…. And for my sister I told her what was going on and she took it upon herself to write to you… I’ve been married for six years with three beautiful kids who are my world I also have a daughter who I would die for and protect with all my heart… I never had a pof account….. I’ve had alot of bad break ups back years ago, and alot of ignorant friends who I’m not friends with anymore…. Someone obviously made up a fake account on pof… Doing something like this is not in my nature…. It’s embarrassing to me that my name is out there on this website for something I did not do or would ever do… I’m totally against this kinds of things, like I said I have a daughter and would not want any of this to ever happen to her…. This can really ruin my life with the clubs I belong to. And it really stinks that my name is on this for something I didn’t do… People play horrible pranks on people, and this one is going to far…. All I’m asking is for you to please think about what has been done and please remove my name….. I thank you for at least taking your time to read this comment… And whatever you decide god bless….

          • I guess your not taking my name down, so I’ll have to have my lawyer contact you for a lawsuit… I guess this site is worth loading, when there’s no proof what so ever that it was me on the pof account… I’m done not writing anymore and I’ll just leave it up to my lawyer….

          • Barry…. you have to admit…. it is strange how you…. and fake you…. and your presumably fake sister…. and your fake lawyer…. all type so similarly.

            I don’t suppose there is any chance that you drove by that night to check the area out? We can compare license plate numbers if it really wasn’t you. You’ll have to understand that we hear a lot of excuses.

            Was your POF account hacked? Or did you never even have one at all? Either way, why was it recently deleted?

            Is there an email address I could reach you at?

  5. LMAO I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE all these professional “lawyers” that can’t spell their own names correctly (ie: brain not Brian) or spell simple words like COOPERATION correctly. FIRST if you are goin to pretend to be a legal rep for some CHILD MOLESTING PERVERT, at LEAST learn to spell…….please. You make yourself look like a bigger idiot then you already are.

    SECOND: um Barry, if those are in fact you’r lawyers, GET NEW ONES because they are illiterate and i fear they never passed the first grade. You did something EXTREMELY WRONG AND DISGUSTING, and as a parent of a young girl myself i am appalled that you are on here fighting the proof of your sickness. YOU WANTED TO SCREW A YOUNG CHILD, in NO WAY is that ok, lawyers or no lawyers you are a PEDOPHILE

  6. I randomly came across this site and have found a family member on here. We are horrified that this person has been alone with our children many times. My husband and I were curious to know if the authorities have been involved? His messages weren’t very graphic but as I read through more profiles I couldn’t believe how far some men have taken this.

    • Apologies for your unfortunate discovery.

      We have tried to get the authorities involved in the past, to no avail. We hope that as word continues to spread, they will be unable to continue to turn a blind eye

      • Ok, thank you. I’m not familiar with the law pertaining to this subject matter but I’m really surprised the authorities won’t get involved.

        At home, we are figuring out just how to go about this. This man is a Son, Brother, Uncle, who is overall a good man. He made a horrible decision to be wildly inappropriate with a “young girl”. I can’t explain the feeling we felt inside when we saw his profile. We are in the process of deciding whether or not to confront him. Although no children were harmed I will see that horrific conversation in my mind each time I see him.

        At the same time I feel very sad for him. He has never had a girlfriend, sex, or possibly even kissed a woman. He’s so depressed that he would resort to meeting a young child. This is his rock bottom.

        Anyway, my apologies for writing a novel. We’re not telling anyone at this moment and my husband is too upset to even discuss it. We just hope certain people like his mother don’t see this. It would destroy her.

        I hope your hard work will make men think twice before making stupid decisions.

  7. This is fantastic. I just found a jerk I’d been talking to on plenty of fish on this site. I googled him by his name and came across this page. He has a new profile, fb page, etc. I made sure to leave a comment on profile #2564.
    If you guys ever need help catching losers like this, don’t hesitate to contact me.
    I hope all women search on here before going on a date. I’m a grown woman but I feel that his intentions on the chat he had with the young girl were obvious enough, and who knows what this person could have done with me. Thank you so much.

  8. Please remove my name from your site and other that you posted on. All this is fake about me. I have family on the nypd and I will have them undated on this. Lawsuit is pending.

  9. Can you please delete my info. This is not me. Don’t have that phone that car and the voice recordings don’t match up. I beg you guys to please delete this.

  10. Are there still any admins on here? If so I would really like to exchange a few polite emails. Thanks sorry for the spam didn’t click the notify button!

  11. We are attempting to contact the website administrators to discuss an important issue but neither emails that are listed are working. Is there any other way to get in contact?

  12. Hello. I am a new citizen of the United States, and I would like to be af help with you. There is nothing more disgusting than a person manipulating at his or her will weaker people, and taking away from them their liberty and happiness for selfish pleasure. I would like to be of help with you, gentlemen. I have good skills in writing, my area of expertise is creative writing, I’m also bilingual (English and Spanish), and a social engineer.
    Thank you.

  13. You guys are still a bunch of gutless cowards. I bet you are the paedophile, that would explain the drive and punck tactics behind your operation

  14. Forget that last post. I’m not stupid. These guys aren’t the only ones savy. Hmm , dark web, VPN, onion links…. That’s how I’ll find someone…. Lol

  15. Is there an email I can contact on this site. Please let me know as I would like to politely speak with someone who runs this site. Please let me know, thanks.

  16. Watch me expose and beat these gutless cowards at their own game. They are anonymous but not untouchable. Check out my replies to them and exposing them on YouTube, Speaker, sound cloud and Google internet searches. I will shut them down

    Ernest Joyner IV

  17. I’ll also like to add….
    When anyone Google’s plenty of fish, my name or this site. They will know how they operate and what methods they use……

  18. Guys I miss you and your pathetic tactics along with your even more pathetic site. Please come out so we can play.

    Ernest Joyner IV

  19. Hi, it’s been a while since i last emailed you to take me off your site. Not a day goes by that i don’t regret those stupid things i said. It honestly really hurts that i’m on that site because i would never act on any of it. I was just bored and stupid and i probably did deserve what i got. Mostly everyone i love knows about this and it sucks! Please i just want my name back and cleared. I am really sorry for what i did and paid the price. Is there not someway we can fix something that happened over 2 years ago!? Im 26 trying to get married and start a family. So please help me. Again i’m sorry and wished this never happened and have definitely learned from what i did. So stupid of me.. hope to hear from you soon…

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